PT. Petronesia Benimel

Establish at Jakarta, October 3rd 2005, PT. Petronesia Benimel running their business in construction, electrical, mechanical, mining, and corrosion engineering services. We are a global company with laboratories in Moscow and offices in the UK, Malaysia, China, the Indian subcontinent and most countries in the Middle-East. The company has positioned itself as an advanced leader in the field of NDT and in particular the technology of magnetic tomography (MTM) MTM was launched commercially in 2002. Since then we have successfully inspected over 20,000 km of pipelines in 15 countries in every continent in the world. With our strategic business partner, Petronesia try to bring new technology for Indonesia market in : 1. Magnetomatry Tomography Method (MTM) services 2. Robotic Tank Inspection services 3. Advanced Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Services 4. Zinc Tape Corrosion Prevent 5. Pipeline Leak Detector 6. Pipeline Current Mapper (PCM) Assesment, product and services 7. DCVG and CIPS pipeline Assesment, product and services. 8. IMG Composites Reinforcement Technology 9. Long Range Guided Wave Ultrasonic Inspection System 10. LIXI Profiler System - Advanced Pipe Inspection Technology 11. TANK Floor Corrosion Scanner - Magnetic Flux Leakage - Silverwings Floormap VS2i 12. TANK Floor Corrosion Scanner - Handscan 13. TANK Floor Corrosion Scanner - Remote Ultrasonic C-Scan Crawler - silverwing Scanmap VS 14. Pocket UT System with Full A-Scan, B-Scan & C-Scan etc