PT Kaltim Parna Industri

PT Kaltim Parna Industri (KPI) is an ammonia manufacturer with production capacity 1,500 MTPD (Metric Ton per Day). KPI established in February 1996, located in Kaltim Industrial Estate, Bontang, East Kalimantan. In February 1998, KPI changed its status to joint venture Company between Mitsubishi Corporation (50%), PT Parna Raya (25%), Yayasan Tabungan Hari Tua PKT (5%), Yayasan Dana Pensiun PKT (5%), Asahi Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. (10%), and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (5%). In May 2013 KPI changed its owner to PT Parna Raya (90%), Yayasan Tabungan Hari Tua PKT (5%), and Yayasan Dana Pensiun PKT (5%). Then, in May 16, 2017 YKHT and DPPKT transferred their shares to Mr. Marihad Simbolon, thus the shareholding composition is PT Parna Raya (90%) and Mr. Marihad Simbolon (10%). KPI is proud of being the only domestic private Ammonia producers in Republic of Indonesia operated entirely by Indonesian experts. Furthermore, KPI is known as one of the suppliers and exporters of ammonia in APAC (Asia Pacific) region. Commercially, KPI start its production in February 2002 and until January 2012 KPI ammonia shipment reached 4.779.548.324 MT. KPI puts great emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and has been proven through company achievements in CSR. As petrochemical industry, KPI always puts forward the aspect of quality, safety, health, environment care and compliance with laws as the first and main priority in its business operation.