PT Indesso Aroma

Since its inception in 1968, Indesso has been evolving from a simple clove oil distiller to become an Indonesian leading manufacturing company in the field of ingredients for food, flavor, and fragrance. Being more than 50 years in the industry, Indesso has become the world market leader in certain essential oils and aroma chemicals such as in clove oil derivatives (e.g. Eugenol, Vanillin ex-eugenol). Our market leadership is developed through innovation, efficiency, and sustainable business practice. Enhancing livelihood of people, traceable sourcing partnership, saving planet through green chemistry path, water usage reduction, and clean energy utilization are our integral measurable sustainable initiatives. Indesso ensures that all customers receive high-quality products which comply with international standards and regulations. It was in 1994 when Indesso first expanded its manufacturing business to food ingredients sector by producing botanical extracts. In 2003, the second extraction plant was built and spray-drying units were installed in the following years. Indesso also anticipated the increasing demand of savory business category by building a facility to produce seasonings and savory ingredients in 2008. Vision To be a regional leader in ingredients for food, flavor and fragrance industries through innovation, efficiency and sustainable business practice. Mission To foster the development of Indonesian and South East Asian natural based ingredients for the creation of new products in the food, flavor and fragrance industry. Values - Esprit de Corps - Professionalism - Integrity