PSG, a Dover company

PSG is a global leader in the manufacture of pumps, systems and related flow-control solutions for the safe and efficient movement, measurement and control of the most critical and valuable materials within targeted global growth markets. Established in 2008, PSG has grown through organic growth, operational excellence and strategic acquisitions. Our products are manufactured on three continents � North America, Europe and Asia � in state-of-the-art facilities that practice lean manufacturing and are ISO-certified. Today we proudly employ 1400 team members in 19 global locations and support over 1700 channel partners in over 100 countries. At PSG, we strive to make our customers better, faster and stronger by providing solutions to some of the world�s toughest application challenges, yet also reduce energy consumption, increase efficiencies, and are eco friendly. To accomplish this goal, we employ a �One Company, One Customer� philosophy. At the core of this philosophy are our values and decision-making processes, ensuring that we always deliver a positive experience to our customers. Our core values and beliefs � Safety, Quality, Schedule, Cost and Community � are the binding elements that drive our vision. PSG features world-class pump brands - � ALMATEC�, BLACKMER�, EBSRAY�, FLUID DYNAMICS�, GRISWOLD�, MAAG INDUSTRIAL PUMPS, MOUVEX�, NEPTUNE�, QUATTROFLOW�, REDSCREW�, WILDEN� - that are committed to servicing key vertical markets that include Hygienic, Chemical and Energy. We are passionately committed to innovative technologies that will positively impact the world.