Founded in 1941, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) is the sole provider of electricity for 1.5 million customers. For almost 70 years, PREPA has been producing, transmitting, distributing and selling electricity in the most efficient, economical and reliable way, without harming the environment. As one of the largest public utilities in the United States, PREPA ranks Number 1 in clients, Number 1 in revenues, Number 6 in sales kWh, and Number 7 in generation kWh. PREPA is a company with comprehensive capital investment plans to respond to short and medium term projected demand, strong strategic planning to reduce fuel oil dependency, strong debt service coverage, and effective system management, including redundancies for emergency preparedness. Over the last year, we have successfully implemented extensive cost-cutting programs to reduce expenses and improve cash flow. We have one of the most aggressive fuel diversification programs in the nation that is helping us to reduce our dependence on fuel oil-based generation and expand the use of natural gas and renewable energy sources. Our capital program is focused on improving reliability and our employees are committed to quality public service.