P�yry Energy Ltd

P�yry PLC is one of Europe's leading independent engineering consultants in the nuclear sector and its experience goes back more than 40 years to when it operated as Electrowatt-Ekono. Today, more than 350 staff provide consulting and engineering services out of the five nuclear energy competence centres located in Finland, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Hungary. P�yry Energy Ltd represents the UK based competence centre. There are approximately 60 P�yry Energy Ltd staff, with offices in Warrington, Plymouth, Aldermaston and Horsham. We have experience with most UK clients, as well as having international clients in Europe, the middle east and Japan. WE ARE CURRENTLY RECRUITING STAFF FOR OUR UK OFFICES P�yry Energy Ltd is a leading independent engineering consultancy, which has provided services to a variety of industrial sectors for many years. These industrial sectors include in particular nuclear, conventional power generation, defence, transportation, oil and gas, waste incineration and waste to energy. In the nuclear and nuclear defence industry P�yry has provided support to clients in safety case preparation, safety analysis, engineering design and safety management appraisals, waste management studies and decommissioning studies. P�yry is serving a wide range of players in the nuclear energy sector including � Utilities � Vendors and contractors � Public institutions � Regulatory bodies and � The financial industry.