OpTerra Energy Services

In January 2016, OpTerra Energy Services was acquired by global energy giant ENGIE (EPA: ENGI), the number one energy services provider in the world. Starting in January 2018, OpTerra, an ENGIE Company, is now doing business as ENGIE Services U.S. Follow our ENGIE Services U.S. page to learn more. --- OUR MISSION OpTerra is a pioneer in advancing the sustainable energy economy, energizing opportunity and building positive impact for the communities, institutions and businesses we serve. OUR STORY Starting as a core group of engineers with a handful of patents, OpTerra has become a national energy company with a rich history of industry leadership and high performance. 40 years of practice unifying strong legacy companies, from Consumers Energy to PG&E, Bluestone, and Chevron, have allowed us to evolve with our customers and become a leader in energy efficiency, renewables, and infrastructure development. We are proud of our past and where we are headed in the future � thousands of customer projects, $2 billion and growing in customer savings, and sustainable, positive change in the diverse regions in which we work. What comes next for us is always driven by our bigger purpose � a mission to use comprehensive energy programs to power progress that transforms the places we live, work, and play throughout the nation. OUR APPROACH There are opportunities in almost every facility to reduce energy consumption and energy cost. Our teams are dedicated to building comprehensive technical scopes that are unique to our customers� energy needs, allowing our partners to save valuable finances and other resources that can be redirected to address other, mission-critical business priorities.