Online Direct Limited

For 20 years we have operated with a singular vision; to provide energy Brokers with a range of support services that empower them to build healthy, long standing and profitable Brokerages. We do this by providing unparalleled access to the energy market and its Suppliers whilst removing the friction and administrative burden that comes with running a back office. But, we don�t stop there. We have seen, first hand, that to succeed in today�s market Brokers need a lot more than pricing to be successful. This is why we�ve invested heavily in building a best-in-class Customer experience. One that fuses a market leading technology platform, energyengine�, with a highly experienced and committed Team of 100+ industry experts. We then use this platform to help educate, train and support Brokers through each stage of their Businesses'? development. We work in an industry that doesn�t stand still, and at times is subject to intense scrutiny. This is why, as industry pioneers, we take our position seriously, and see it as our duty of care to ensure our Brokers understand the importance of compliance and upholding best practice. Similarly it is our role to look to the future and help Brokers to adapt and evolve; in order to be relevant in the energy market of tomorrow. We firmly believe the best partnerships are built on trust, integrity and a shared vision. OnlineDIRECT