ODE � DORIS Group Company

ODE are an integral part of the DORIS Group, celebrating 50 years in the Oil & Gas business in 2015, makes an important statement. We�ve been getting it right for half a century. We are resilient and adaptive, a market challenger. We look forward, providing the right solutions and delivery to our clients. We will remain at the forefront, with innovation, applying new technologies where it�s value adding. We are also a leader in offshore renewables, far longer than most organisations, and we offer real and practical leading edge expertise. ODE has been successfully involved in all nature of major marine projects: from the era of North Sea concrete gravity based structures; to deep water floating production systems; to marginal field and subsea developments; to one of the first major wind farms in the UK. Onshore our projects range from reception terminals to land locked / desert based production facilities and associated infrastructure. Across the full life cycle of an energy opportunity we create concepts, we engineer, we implement, we operate and finally we can decommission. In this fascinating business, we are however only as good as the people who are with us. ODE will always use highly competent, energised and proactive individuals, and we will encourage a hands-on driven approach to supporting our clients. Our technical resource base extends to around 1400 people worldwide, with ODE offices in Wimbledon, Great Yarmouth in the UK and Cairo for Middle East and North Africa (MENA). DORIS offices cover all other major energy centres. We believe there is a smarter way, the ODE way. The energy industry will always move through cycles. ODE will remain dynamic to this. We will evolve, dependent on market opportunities and needs. We will continue to be an industry challenger, a leading service provider. This is however dependent on our people, those who carry on our legacy, to help us create the next achievements, the next 50 years.