National Refinery Limited

Management National Refinery Limited ( NRL ) was incorporated on August 19, 1963 as a public limited company. Government of Pakistan took over the management of NRL under the Economic Reforms Order, 1972 under the Ministry of Production, which was exercising control through its shareholding in State Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Corporation (PERAC). The Government of Pakistan had decided to place the National Refinery Limited under the administrative control of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources in November 1998. In June 2003 the Government of Pakistan decided to include NRL in its privatisation programme. The selling of 51% equity and transfer of management control to a strategic investor had been proposed accordingly, the due diligence process for the privatisation was initiated. After competitive bidding NRL was acquired by Attock Oil Group in July 2005. The Company has been privatised and the management handed over to the new owner (Attock Oil Group) on July 7, 2005. Production The refinery complex of the Company comprises of three refineries, consisting of two lube refineries and one fuel refinery. First Lube Refinery commissioned in 1966 with designed capacity of 539,700 tons per annum of Crude Processing and 76,200 tones per annum of Lube Base Oils. Second Lube Refinery commissioned in 1985 with designed capacity of 100,000 tons per annum of Lube Base Oils. The Fuel Refinery commissioned in 1977 with designed capacity of 1,500,800 tones per annum of Crude processing and after revamp the designed capacity comes to 2,170,800 tones per annum of Crude processing. The BTX unit was commissioned in 1985 with design capacity of 25,000 tons per annum of BTX. NRL enjoys a competitive edge, as it is the only refinery producing LBO in Pakistan.