NYCO, specialty lubricants and synthetic esters

NYCO designs, creates and manufactures specialty lubricants and synthetic esters for Aeronautics, Defense, Industry and Automotive businesses. NYCO is the unique European manufacturer of aviation lubricants, qualified and approved by engine manufacturers, OEMs and authorities, complying with international specifications (SAE, MIL-PRF-...). NYCO Aeronautics: - Turbine Oils for power plants, APU and other, - Hydraulic Fluids for systems and landing gear absorber, - Greases multipurpose and specifics. NYCO Defence: - Millitary lubricants for Air, Ground & Navy Forces, - Ground Gas turbines lubricants. NYCO Industry & Automotive: - Synthetic esters base stocks for lubricants, plasticizers, dielectric fluids, - Synthetic Lubricants for industrial & automotive applications, - Environmentally compatible and biodegradable esters and lubricants. More information on and