NIPSEA Group I Nippon Paint

As a paint and coatings specialist, NIPSEA Group beautifies urban landscapes and continually creates superior Nippon Paint products to enhance people�s lives. The corporation is recognized for its dedication to quality, top-of-the-line innovation and excellent customer service. With 69 NIPSEA companies spread throughout Asia, it understands the local needs of its customers in every community. Each company embraces diversity and operates together with a strong Pan-Asia presence. NIPSEA Group has over 20,000 employees with 61 manufacturing facilities and operations in 15 countries with its headquarters in Singapore efficiently serving all aspects of the business, from production to customer satisfaction. Today, the company�s core principles involve innovative coatings solutions and high performance products for architectural, industrial, automotive, heavy duty coatings, marine, trade and general consumer use. The corporation�s focus is on products that perform as well as being environmentally friendly that care for the needs of the communities. NIPSEA Group has expanded to a total of 15 Asian countries and regions including Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia and Middle East and still growing to date. It has become the best coatings and solutions partner for architectural, automotive, industrial, marine, O&G, specialized clients; bringing joy and happiness through its color trends to millions of families across the world.