NARL Refining Limited Partnership

North Atlantic's 115,000 bpd oil refinery has the assets and attitude to power through the pressures of a highly-cyclical, challenging refining industry. And we have. Our industry perks include 600+ highly skilled employees, clean fuel production, a strategic geographic location on major shipping routes, and a flexible infrastructure. We are centrally-located to receive a variety of crude slates, and supply global fuel markets with our quality fuels like gasoline, jet, home-heat, ultra-low-sulphur-diesel, and bunker. World regulations are now demanding the very clean fuels that we�ve been producing for years. The fuels that we make right here in NL heat buildings in France, drive vehicles in California, and power hundreds of jets flying overhead every day. Of course our locally-made home-heat fuels also keep our neighbours warm and our clean gasoline and diesel move vehicles all around our fine province. We continue to work daily to preserve and minimize our environmental impact, our generous community giving efforts focus on neighbourhood youth, education and health, and we contribute in excess of $200 million a year to the provincial economy by way of wages and local procurement. How�s that for a responsible and supportive neighbour! North Atlantic�s attention to workplace safety, our many infrastructure investments and upgrades, our impressive list of competitive advantages, our strong and supportive owners�SilverRange�, and our top-notch employees make for a growing success story.