Microvast, Inc.

Founded in 2006 as a research and technology driven company, Microvast, Inc., has evolved into a global leader in battery storage solutions for mobile and stationary applications. Microvast currently provides three different lines of fast-charging lithium-ion battery solutions, with different chemistries, performance characteristics and price points. Its main line of business is developing and implementing safe, long-life, fast-charging lithium-ion battery systems for electric and hybrid-electric municipal bus fleets. As of the end of 2017, Microvast�s ultra-fast charging batteries have been operating in more than 20,000 all-electric and hybrid-electric buses in more than 150 cities among 13 countries in the world. Collectively, Microvast electric buses have traveled over 1.8 billion kilometers without failures or safety issues. In addition to electric bus applications,�Microvast has also expanded its business to serve other markets, such as electrified trucks, mining processes, and grid-scale energy storage.