Metem -- A GE Power business

Metem Corporation, a GE Power business, is a specialized, highly sophisticated, global supplier of machining and assembled turbine super-alloy components for leading companies in the power generation and aerospace industries. Metem's breakthrough non-conventional cooling hole drilling processes are critical to providing targeted, precise airflow to enable parts to last longer and greatly improve life-cycle costs and turbine efficiency. This has a significant impact on increasing operating cycles and reducing emissions. Metem, through its current advanced processes and R&D and prototype testing on newer future technologies, is poised to push the technology limits and grow within the gas turbine space as the world adopts more natural gas power for cleaner energy. Founded in 1962, Metem has pioneered many advanced applications in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM), Shaped Tube Electrolyte Machining (STEM), and Metem's latest patented Drill-thru-TBC Coating (DTC) technology for use on super-alloy parts to develop complex cooling hole patterns. Metem was acquired by GE Power in April 2016 and continues to grow its expertise in the industry.