Meridian Energy Group, Inc.

Meridian Energy Group, Inc. is a privately held corporation whose mission is to innovate low-cost, efficient and environmentally benign solutions to the nation�s growing demand for oil and gas. A leader in design and permitting strategies for capital-efficient and clean full-conversion refineries, Meridian is dedicated to changing the energy industry for the better. Intended as a prototype facility demonstrating the efficacy of Meridian�s cutting-edge techniques, the pioneering Davis refinery project currently being brought online in Billings County, North Dakota will be the cleanest refinery on the planet and the greenest in history, with 10-15 percent of industry average emissions�the first ever permitted as a Synthetic Minor Source for air quality. With future development slated for sites in Texas and Oklahoma, Meridian remains committed to its guiding principles of creating production efficiency and shareholder value, while maintaining environmental responsibility and community investment. For more information about opportunities with Meridian, please email Follow Meridian on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.