Max Myanmar Group

Max Myanmar Group of Companies was originally established as Max Myanmar Co., Ltd. in 1993. It started operation by importing buses from Japan, simultaneously followed by import of generators and earth-moving equipment and machinery. Through an aggressive growth strategy, the Company steadily expanded and diversified into the fields of civil construction, mechanical engineering, transportation, hotel and tourism, rubber plantations and banking industry. Max Myanmar Group of Companies employ approximately 7,000 salaried employees who serve the Group�s many diversified businesses through its various operations throughout Myanmar. Its team of well-trained employees, consisting of professional, managerial and operational staff, consistently demonstrate the expertise and strategic leadership needed to steer the Group. On the top of its priority list is the welfare of its employees, which include benefits like field allowances, bonuses, meals, medical and education allowances and annual celebrations. Max Myanmar Group takes pride in its well-deserved reputation for being client orientated. It is the policy of Max Myanmar Group to meet the client�s requirements in terms of quality, cost and time, and always developing and maintaining a mutually beneficial working relationship. It is always looking for better ways of doing business, of maintaining and enhancing this reputation in all future dealings with its valued customers. Max Myanmar Group is committed to benefit the economic and social development of the region in which it operates. No Max Myanmar Group or its subsidiaries shall undertake any project or activity to the detriment of the wider interests of the communities in which operates. Max Myanmar Group strongly condemns corruption and bribery among its employees and also when dealing with clients or other third parties concerned.