Massy Energy & Industrial Gases Business Unit

�To be a leader in shaping a responsible energy future, inspiring people to create value; transforming our region� The Energy and Industrial Gases Business Unit operates through all levels of the Energy Sector while passionately pursuing the highest standards of QHE and setting the benchmark for professional ethics and performance, making our companies world class. Our Group�s Core Values of Responsibility, Honesty & Integrity, Growth & Continuous Improvement, Love & Care and Collaboration guide us in all of our business transactions. We strongly believe Collaboration is a critical success element in supporting and sustaining strategic partnerships within our Region with our clients, employees, stakeholders, partners and our communities. Massy Energy offers all-inclusive packages tailored to the regional Energy Value Chain. We provide an Integrated Energy Service to allow for the design of fit for purpose energy solutions. Massy Gas Products is a dedicated provider of Industrial Gases to Upstream and Downstream Energy, Construction, Health Care, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Steel, Water Treatment and Petrochemical industries throughout the Caribbean. Additionally, we supply LPG to Industrial, Commercial and Domestic markets throughout the region. Our Strategic partnerships ensure the sustainability of the Region�s energy future in alignment with Massy�s overarching purpose �A Fore for Good: Creating Value, Transforming Life�.