Marine Engineering Diving Services

MEDS was established in 2007, during the time when the Diving Industry was at its peak due to high demand in the Oil and Gas industry. This phase saw many small Diving Companies prop up and with limited research to improve efficiency in the field of Commercial Diving, the Top Players were facing competitive pressure from the smallest of Diving Companies. MEDS was early to foresee this pressure and anticipated of an Industry where the lines between the Marine Operators and Diving Companies would be blurred. In order to gain Competitive advantage over other Diving Companies and operate as �One Stop Solution� for Offshore Construction projects MEDS started to make a strategic shift. Where everyone else was trying to cut costs by reducing operational overheads and acquisitions, MEDS swam against the tide to invest in Marine Assets and achieve a marked advantage and a space in which very few Diving Companies exist. MEDS growth strategy is twofold. One, Maintain cost leadership in the broad market for chartering business and second, constantly create differentiation initiative to strengthen the competitive edge in diving and subsea engineering services. MEDS continually strives to maintain the highest standards of compliance to the Global Safety and Environmental policies while operating its fleet. It has the capability to offer three of its own DP2 Vessels on Time Charter Basis. In addition, MEDS can also source additional Vessels from its Industry associates if required for Time Charters. In addition to the DP2 Dive Support Vessels, the Company also owns Two Portable 12 Man Saturation Dive Systems and numerous 4 Surface Supplied Air Dive Systems allowing the Company to dive upto 350 MSW.