Maag Automatik GmbH

MAAG Group is a global solution provider with customizable systems for the polymer, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. As a leading manufacturer of gear pumps, filters, screen changers, pelletizing systems and pulverizers, MAAG Group offers innovative cutting-edge technologies for polymer processing in the fields of competence pump & filtration systems, pelletizing systems, pulverizing systems and recycling systems. Today, MAAG Group employs over 1,000 people at production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the USA and China. Additional sales and service centers in France, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Thailand and Brazil ensure close attention to customers� needs. Product brands of MAAG Group AUTOMATIK � Strand pelletizing systems, screen changers, melt filtration ETTLINGER - Filtration systems for the processing of plastic parts and recycling materials GALA � Underwater pelletizing systems, centrifugal dryers MAAG � gear pumps, extrusion pumps, filtration systems, filters, screen changers REDUCTION � Pulverizers for the production of plastic powder SCHEER � Strand pelletizing systems for plastics processing