MAPNA Turbine Blade Eng. & Mfg. Co. - PARTO

MAPNA Turbine Blade Engineering and Manufacturing Company, PARTO, was established in 2000 to add to what MAPNA Group stands for: excellence and it tried to do that in every aspect by bringing creative people together, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and developing turbine blade manufacturing knowledge. Following a promising vision in the gas turbine market with a growing global footprint, at the first step PARTO acquired Siemens license for production of V94.2 (160MW) gas turbine blades and vanes. Drawing on an engineering and production system based on the OEM methodology and through smart utilization of lessons learnt from know-how transfer, several other types of gas turbine blades and vanes were reverse-engineered at the next step, and delivered to the power generation market. To date, more than 120 thousand products of PARTO have been put into operation, delivering more than 15,000,000 EOH (Equivalent Operating Hours) without failure. please visit our Website: