Lonking Holdings Limited.

Lonking Holdings Limited (�Lonking�) was founded in 1993. It has experienced a rapid growth rate (averagely 43%) for more than a decade and have become one of the largest manufacturers of construction machinery in China. Its production facilities are located in Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangxi and Henan province. Products include wheel loader, roller, excavator, forklift, motor grader and components. The main product � wheel loader has been awarded as �China Top Brand�. The company has ranked at the first place in the world in terms of sales quantity of wheel loader since 2006. In November 2005, the company enlisted on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, thus became the first overseas listing in Chinese construction machinery sector. Subsidiaries: Refined(Shanghai)Machinery Co., Ltd Henan Lonking Machinery Co.,Ltd Lonking(Shanghai)Excavator Co.,Ltd Lonking (Shanghai) Forklift Co.,Ltd Lonking (Shanghai) Road Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd Lonking (Fujian) Axle & Transmission Co.,Ltd Fujian Longyan Lonking Machinery Components Co.,Ltd Lonking (Shanghai) Axle & Transmission Co., Ltd Lonking (Shanghai) Machinery Co.,Ltd Lonking (Fujian) Machinery Co., Ltd. Herkules (Shanghai) Hydraulic System Co.,Ltd Lonking(Jiangxi) Gear Co., Ltd. Lonking ranks 35th on the 2009 list of "? Top-50 Global Construction Machinery Manufacturers "? 2009-09-08 China Construction Machinery(CCM) published the �Top-50 Global Construction Machinery Manufacturers"?, and Lonking ranked 35th, up 5 places from previous year's 40th. In 2008, Lonking sales rose by 23.81% in terms of the total sales volume; operating profit is U.S.108 million , an increase of 15.38%, ranked the world's top 50 in 8th place. Following through a uniquely Lonking moderately diversified development strategy, along with the improvement in R & D during the second-round development leads to rapid growth in 2008.