Limak Enerji

Limak Energy is the reflection of Limak Holding's ranging experience since 1976, carries out energy generation, distribution, retail and wholesale, export and import activities. In additon to generation assets, Limak Energy is one of the biggest energy trading company in Turkish Power Market. Within the framework of risk policy and long-term market expectations, Limak Energy engages in energy trading activities. From generation to end users, Limak Energy continuously analizing and optimizing all energy supply, sales, trading and distribution activities for operational perfection. Depending on market expectations Limak Energy is providing alternative energy solutions tailored to customers such as fixed, indexed-price or base load, peak load and special profiles. In accordance with long term risk policy, Limak Energy established a win-win sales strategy to optimize customer profits, offering energy solutions to eligible customers. As a vertically integrated energy trading and generation company, Limak Energy is developing and financing strategically important domestic and abroad energy projects. Focusing on diversification of energy sources, Limak has a framework to increase the cooperation between energy value chain assets with the aim of becoming a global energy player.