Leosphere, a Vaisala company, is the global leader in lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) remote sensing solutions, supporting wind energy measurement, assessment, development and operations, as well as aerosol characterization. Since 2004, Leosphere has designed, developed, manufactured, sold and serviced more than 1,800 turnkey remote-sensing implementations for a variety of industries including: wind energy, aviation, meteorology, air quality and more. In 2018, Leosphere was acquired by Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, increasing its ability to scale and better serve customers with a wide range of solutions anywhere in the world. From ground-based and wind turbine-nacelle mounted lidar technology for wind farms to buoy-mounted lidars for offshore applications, customers and OEMs rely on Leosphere solutions to leverage the value of wind resources to reduce environmental impact and serve mankind. Our customers include national weather services, research agencies, wind developers and operators, turbine manufacturers, utilities, consultants and aviation authorities, as well as universities from all over the world. Leosphere offers the most complete range of lidar solutions in the industry.