LM Wind Power

LM Wind Power is a world leading designer and manufacturer of rotor blades for wind turbines, offering blade development, manufacturing, services and logistics. Approximately one in five turbines installed around the world has LM Wind Power blades. Part of GE Renewable Energy, LM Wind Power is headquartered in Kolding, Denmark. Our global manufacturing footprint includes production facilities in or close to the major wind energy markets, with 15 production facilities on four continents. In addition, we have technology hubs in Denmark, The Netherlands, India, the US and UK. As of January 2020, we employed 14,234 people worldwide. Working in close collaboration with customers, we design and supply rotor solutions for wind turbine projects all over the world. Since 1978, LM Wind Power had produced more than 228,000 blades corresponding to a capacity of approximately 113 GW � each year effectively saving nature more than 242 million metric tons of CO2 emissions.