As a specialist for professional farming LEMKEN is one of the leading agricultural machinery manufacturers worldwide. Established in 1780 as a foundry, our family business produces high-quality and efficient agricultural machines for soil cultivation, sowing and crop protection at the headquarters in Alpen, Germany, in Haren, Germany, in Nagpur, India, and others. With their knowledge and commitment, in Germany as well as in 25 international subsidiaries more than 1.400 employees lay the foundations for farmers worldwide to operate profitably. Therefore, we have created a safe work environment that offers opportunities for self-development and a contribution to the successful future of the company. Developed in close cooperation with farmers, LEMKEN agricultural technology is not only innovative and versatile, but also highly practice-oriented. We offer individual solutions for every farm size, every soil type, every market and every demand. This is proven by our experience of more than 230 years as well as our continuous growth in markets such as Europe, North America, China, South Africa, or Russia.