Komatsu Germany GmbH - Mining Division

Komatsu Germany GmbH - Mining Division (KGM) is a proud member of the Komatsu Group. In D�sseldorf, we are specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of hydraulic mining excavators. Today we manufacture five types of hydraulic excavators of between 254 - 773 tons and bucket volumes up to 42 cubic meters in either front shovel or backhoe configuration. Since many of our excavators are used in the most inhospitable regions in the world, with extreme temperatures, and under the harshest conditions, we are above all focused on providing quality and reliability. Nearly 90% of the units we sold in the last 35 years have been supplied to repeat customers. That fact shows our superior quality in manufacturing and our superior service. The oldest currently operating unit with the most working hours is an excavator of the former PC4000 type, which has worked nearly 156,000 hours, that means the equivalent of more than 25 years of continuous service 24/7/365. Since 1980 we have manufactured more than 1,070 excavators, more than 70% of which are still in operation. We have been proud to be a part of D�sseldorf for almost 80 years. Since the 1930s we have been a production plant in D�sseldorf Benrath. Since then, we have continuously set milestones, year after year. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure and the proximity to the port and airport, we can ship every item in record time. In 2017 we opened the �Technical Center� office building. The Technical Center is a landmark in D�sseldorf Benrath and includes attractive leisure programs and an open-space working area. The great atmosphere results in unrivaled customer service. We train apprentices, offer further education to our trainees and our employees to develop their knowledge and to keep up to date with the latest state-of-the-art technologies.