King Industries

We add the �performance� to a vast variety of products that are part of our daily lives, from the car you drive to the chips in your computer. Chances are, not a day goes by that you do not use a product that contains or has been manufactured using a King additive. While our additive functions are technical by nature, in short these specialty chemicals impart desirable, value-added properties to the end uses they are apart of. Whether a King catalyst used to cure an automotive coating while saving energy or a King rust preventive extending a lubricant�s life, they indeed add the performance that a consumer expects from their product choices. Often used at levels as low as parts per million, King additives, are an integral component to formulations of some of the biggest names in the chemical, rubber and oil industries worldwide. While many have been loyal customers for decades, we are constantly challenged by them and others to develop new products that provide even higher standards of performance. It is this challenge of providing innovative high performance additives that drives our business