Kenersys India

KENERSYS is a renowned wind turbine manufacturing company with an in-depth knowledge in designing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality on-shore wind turbines. The company was initially founded in 2003 as a German engineering and consulting company, focused on the wind industry, providing wind turbine expertise, technical due diligences, turbine design and strategies for well-known manufacturers and component suppliers. In 2007 the company became part of the newly founded wind turbine manufacturer KENERSYS. With the engineering team having over 400 years of expert knowledge the KENERSYS GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY CENTER based in Muenster (Germany) comprises the most experienced and innovative specialists of the wind industry that were instrumental for the highest selling turbine globally and that have designed a vast range of modern wind turbines from 1 MW up to 3.6 MW. This unique technical competence ensures quality and reliability for our customers and provides KENERSYS with a sound base for expanding its position in the wind turbine market. KENERSYS leverages the strength of its shareholders � the global manufacturing and supply chain expertise of the Kalyani Group and the experience and knowledge across the energy value chain from First Reserve Corporation.