Kastner Land Services

Kastner Land Services is an established leader in field land services. Decades of experience in title and abstracting, leasing, right-of-way, project management, due diligence and curative, mergers and acquisitions, and GIS mapping allow us to make sure we deliver exactly what our clients need, every time. Operators large and small rely on us when they need personnel on the ground, getting the job done efficiently and correctly. With experienced employees and field offices in or near every unconventional play, Kastner Land Services can quickly field a crew wherever your project requires. We take pride in the educated and qualified professionals on our team, who have expertly handled lease checks across half a county of complicated ownership, mineral ownership reports, working the right deal with mineral owners, preparing abstracts, working with in-house landmen through the curative requirements, mineral rights buying, surface use negotiations, staking wells, notifications, drill site plats, and pushing through the permitting process with federal, state and municipal agencies. We offer clients a full spectrum of land services. Lease to pipeline, we have the experience and ability to deliver reliable, organized, and efficient services for any project, nationwide.