KT - Kinetics Technology

In 1971, we were a group of engineers passionate about chemistry that wanted to design large systems and make advancements in technology. Today, we are KT � Kinetics Technology (KT), a highly specialized EPC Contractor in refining field, part of Maire Tecnimont Group, International leader in the field of plant engineering mainly in the hydrocarbon sector (petrochemical, fertilizers, oil & gas refining). With about 50 years of expertise and with more than 500 projects completed, KT has a very strong technological background and a great focus on Process Design capabilities. The company roots in its traditional Licensing Business Lines, Sulphur Recovery and Hydrogen and Syngas Production, with multiple relevant licensed units all over the world. This double dimension � as Main Contractor and as Licensor � enables KT to translate the lesson learned coming from its construction sites into upgrades of the Plant Design and boosts a real and effective Design-to-Cost approach since the very beginning of the Engineering phase. In compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations, our Process Engineers are called to identify and implement the smartest design solutions that best fit clients� requirements, including projects of any size for the worldwide process industries.