KRIBHCO Shyam Fertilizers Limited manufactures nitrogenous fertilizer viz. urea through our integrated urea and ammonia manufacturing facility at Shahjahanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Our Fertilizer Plant is the latest Greenfield Urea Plant in India- commissioned in November 1995. The Fertilizer Plant is strategically located in North India, right in the middle of a high urea consumption belt and based on Natural Gas as feedstock supplied through the Hazira-Vijaypur-Jagdishpur ("HVJ") gas pipeline. The Fertilizer Plant is located at Village Piprola, on State Highway No. 29 and is about 12 km from the District Headquarters of Shahjahanpur. It has an installed capacity of 864,600 MTPA of urea and 501,600 MTPA of ammonia. We have been operating our Fertilizer Plant at more than 100% capacity utilisation since acquisition. The plant is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 certified by KPMG Quality Registrar (a business unit of KPMG). The marketing of Urea and surplus ammonia produced by the Company is undertaken by KRIBHCO, one of the promoters Company. The urea is sold under the brand �