KALTENBACH GROUP � BE CONFIDENT IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WE HAVE MORE THAN 130 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE As a German family-owned company with more than 130 years of experience in metalworking, KALTENBACH is able to face the challenges posed by a constantly changing global market, with complete confidence. With more than 22 offices and 10 subsidiaries, KALTENBACH is now able to offer superior consultation and service to customers, in a wide variety of industries (metals production, metal construction, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and construction, steel trading, vehicle production). Main Shareholder Zobel Values AG In 2017 Zobel Values takes over KALTENBACH as main shareholder to develop the company long-term and sustainably. The strategic investor represents a well-established, major industrial group, active in manufacturing machinery and plant engineering. Zobel Values pursues exclusively long-term objectives and with its investments it represents traditional values, medium-sized enterprise and sustainable growth. Website: www.kaltenbach.com