John Brooks Company Limited

John Brooks is an innovative company that combines fresh ideas and 80 years of solving fluid handling challenges for our customers, and we love doing it. We are thankful to have had relationships with many of our customers and suppliers that span decades; this is a testament to how we conduct business throughout our organization. We have evolved and we will continue to re-engineer ourselves for the future as we help our customers tackle various challenges. Since 1938, respect is the cornerstone of what John Brooks is about. We have a culture that respects all stakeholders, whether they are suppliers, customers, or our employees. We work hard to foster an entrepreneurial environment where decision-making, creative thought, and initiative are rewarded; this is a place where your ideas matter. This positive but challenging work environment has allowed us to employ many passionate and skilled employees over our 80-year history; our average employee tenure is over 11 years. We have a number of employees whose first job was with John Brooks and years later retired with us. When you join John Brooks Company, you are connecting with a team that is committed to your success. You will be supported by our ownership, our management team and by your co-workers. Many of our most tenured employees are also our most motivated and committed employees, and we believe this speaks volumes about what it�s like to work at John Brooks Company Limited. Dynablast, MDA Filtration and Brooks Construction Equipment are all divisions of John Brooks Company Limited

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