Jobs Automazione Spa

Since 1980 Jobs has been producing high-power high-speed machines and automated milling systems with 3 and 5 axes, which are employed world-wide by the most advanced manufacturing industries for ultra high-tech machining. Jobs exports 80% of its production to the most industrialised countries and its main site employs approx. 250 employees. Jobs is a benchmark company in the field of high-performance machining in the Aerospace/Aeronautics, Car Industry, General Engineering and Energy fields.Jobs can ensure a high level of performance of its products thanks to the employment of the most advanced technologies in design, production and quality control. A network SUBSIDIARIES and SERVICE CENTRES (for sales, technology and maintenance) guarantees customer support. At the end of 2009 Jobs took over Sachman, a horizontal machining centre manufacturing company, with the aim of reinforcing / widening its offering of products in the milling field. In January 2012 Jobs took over the majority shareholding of Sigma Technology, long-established Italian leader in the vertical machining centres industry and, since the beginning of 2015 also all its production, technical, commercial and after-sales service activities have been moved to Jobs modern production facilities. Finally, since January 2014, also the productions of Rambaudi brand, focused on the production of high-speed or high-chip removal machines, and Sachman brand have been moved from their headquarters to Jobs premises in Piacenza.