JDR Cable Systems

JDR Cable Systems is a leader in subsea production umbilicals, subsea power cables and Intervention Workover Control Systems for the offshore oil and gas industry. Also JDR provides market leading services to support customers from project concept design/selection, installation, commissioning and full field lifecycle services. In August 2017 JDR Cable Systems Ltd joined to TFKable Group, a leading global producer of wires and cables, with major production facilities in Europe and sales offices globally. www.jdrcables.com As a result of implementation of growth strategy, in August 2017 TFKable Group acquired JDR Cable Systems Ltd, the leading manufacturer of submarine umbilicals and power cables to the global offshore energy industry. TFKable Group is one of the leaders in the global market for cables and cable systems with production plants across Europe and distribution network in many countries. TFKable Group consists of several commercial companies, numerous manufacturing plants located across Europe and the Cable Waste Recycling Plant in Poland. Services and products provided by TFKable Group have numerous applications in the most important industry sectors � they include more than 25,000 proven standard constructions. Furthermore, they include specialist assortment tailored to the individual needs of business partners. www.tfkable.com