Interwaste Holdings Limited

As environmental stewards, Interwaste�s holistic approach to waste management combined with global best practice, latest legislation and leading technology provides our clients with innovative, viable and compliant solutions. By developing integrated waste management services, we�re making a sustainable future possible for all. Serving land and life. With a long record of service delivery and technological excellence, Interwaste prides itself in being the leading waste management company operating in Southern Africa. Equipped with passion and driven by the determination to realise our vision of leading in the sustainable preservation of our environment, we consistently innovate and create winning solutions for a range of waste problems. At Interwaste, values are not an afterthought, they are integral to the company and are embedded in all policy decisions and operations. Guided by integrity, accountability, excellence, innovation and sustainability, you can be assured that the Interwaste team has committed to the highest standard of performance, ethical behaviour and business practices. Interwaste provides integrated waste management services to a wide range of industries from manufacturing, mining and petro chemicals to oil and gas, construction, FMCG, pharmaceuticals and automotive. By understanding the specific requirements of each company in each sector, aligning their strategy to their waste solutions, incorporating current and future legislation, we are able to provide innovative, sustainable waste solutions tailored to their needs. Interwaste is proud to be a S�ch� Environnement owned company. S�ch� Environnement, is one of France's leading players in the recovery and treatment of all types of waste. The company is a specialist in highly complex waste, operating within regulated waste recovery and treatment markets with high barriers to entry. Interwaste is excited to bring international expertise and solutions to the South African market.