Corporate Profile inelectra is an engineering and construction corporation, leader in development of high-value added integrated technical solutions for the world energy sector. It has an execution capacity of 3 million man-hours per year and a financial capacity that has allowed the direct management of contracts of up to US$ 300 MM and its direct participation in projects of up to US$ 1300. It is among the 50 more important companies worldwide in the hydrocarbon and energy sector and one of the 3 largest in Latin America. Its workforce is integrated by over 2000 professionals and technicians experts in the execution of complex EPC Lump Sum projects, committed with quality and prepared to interact in the multicultural environments that characterize the geographical diversity of our operations. Global infrastructure includes execution centers in Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Panama, and business offices in Trinidad & Tobago, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. Through the execution centers inelectra manages important projects in the Caribbean, North, Central and South America, as well as the Middle East and Europe. Twitter: @inelectra Facebook: Inelectra Instagram: Inelectra_