Impact Selector International

Looking to save money and de-risk your deployment jobs? Intelligent Conveyance is your solution. Impact Selector�s Intelligent Conveyance Technologies�, including technologically advanced impact jars, Roller Bogies�, sensor subs, software and experienced technicians, substantially reduce and mostly eliminate problems encountered with toolstring deployments in well intervention and formation evaluation operations. With Impact Selector�s products in your toolstring, performance and profitability are greatly improved by more effectively achieving intervention objectives and avoiding the staggering expenses associated with the retrieval of stuck toolstrings, including the costs of stripovers, fishing, rig downtime and project delays. The Impact Selector group of companies includes Wireline Engineering, the inventor and provider of industry-leading Roller Bogies� and Advanced Kickover Tools, and other technologically sophisticated products. All of our products are designed to operate in the most extreme and harshest well conditions enabling you to push performance boundaries anywhere in the world. Our Intelligent Conveyance Specialists will work with you in designing the optimal package of conveyance enhancement and risk mitigation products to meet the unique objectives and projects. We have Intelligent Conveyance Specialists based in our operating locations throughout the world providing real-time, direct support to you. We look forward to helping you save money, improve safety and reduce risks during your toolstring deployments. For more information and contact details, please visit our websites: Impact Selector provides the global oil & gas industry with Intelligent Conveyance Technologies� significantly improving toolstring deployment efficiencies, greatly reduce major, costly operating risks during well intervention and formation evaluation operations.