IMCORP is the leading provider of power cable reliability assessment services. We test shielded power cable and accessories from 5kV to 500kV. In our more than 20 years in business, we have tested over 150 million feet of cable systems across 4 continents. Our professionalism and integrity have helped make us one of the fastest growing engineering services companies in the US for 8 straight years (by Inc Magazine). Our goal is to help our clients achieve the maximum reliability attainable at the lowest total cost. Our testing is non-destructive, requires no hazardous materials, and has saved thousands of miles of cable from needlessly entering landfills. We take pride in knowing that our customers enjoy some of the lowest cable system failure rates in their industries. We provide diagnostic services for medium and high voltage power cable systems. Whether ensuring the quality of new cable installations or optimizing performance of aged cable assets, IMCORP's Factory Grade� technology produces results exceeding the cable manufacturers' quality standards.