Hunt LNG Operating Company S.A.C.

Hunt LNG Operating Company (previously COLP S.A.C.) is a Peruvian company and a 100%-owned subsidiary of Hunt Oil Company. Its main purpose is operating, repairing and maintaining any kind of public or private works, directly or through third parties, including (i) liquefied natural gas plants, hydrocarbons storage plants, hydrocarbons processing plants, refineries, and in general any hydrocarbons facilities; (ii) pipelines, pipeline networks, aqueducts, optic fiber, telecommunication lines, high and low tension electric lines and/or related facilities; (iii) pumping, compression and measuring stations, and in general any kind of facilities for supporting hydrocarbon transportation systems; (iv) electric power plants, water and waste treatment plants, sewage plants as well as other works in camps and related facilities. Hunt LNG Operating Company is the operator of the PERU LNG Project.