Heraeus Noblelight

The incredible power of light for efficient industrial processes In a competitive world only the most efficient industrial process will be able to persist on the market. Optimized energy consumption, product enhancement, optimal adjustment to the process and short response time are challenges for which it is worthwhile to invest in efficient solutions. Light is more than you see. Electromagnetic radiation from ultraviolet to infrared heat can be used in technical applications to analyse liquids, cure enamels, bond plastic containers or sinter printed electronics. There are numerous applications for technically usable light in industrial production, laboratories and medicine. Heraeus Noblelight offers well thought-out and long-life solutions that give you a permanent competitive edge in your application process. Even though you cannot see this on the finished products, most of them have benefitted from a radiation source supplied by Heraeus Noblelight. Meeting your process challenges is our priority. Rely on the acknowledged Heraeus quality!