Hanwha Group

Hanwha Group, founded in 1952, is one of the Top-Ten business enterprises in South Korea and a �FORTUNE Global 500� company. Hanwha Group has 70 domestic affiliates and 350 global networks in three major sectors: manufacturing and construction, finance, and services and leisure. With more than 65 years track record of industrial leadership, Hanwha�s manufacturing and construction businesses encompass a broad range of fields from chemicals & materials, aerospace & mechatronics, total solar energy solutions, and global construction. The finance network, covering insurance, asset management and securities, is the second largest non-bank financial group in South Korea. The services and leisure sector offers premium lifestyle services with retail and resort businesses. Our vision is to touch the lives of every individual in every country in which we operate. We want to elevate the quality of life with our innovations and solutions. To this end, we�ve set goals to help us achieve leadership across our businesses. As we lead, we will also serve, continuing to foster a corporate culture in which serving others is held in the highest regard. [Rules of Engagement] While we welcome all questions and comments, including constructive feedback, we reserve the right to remove any posts of the following nature below, without prior notice: � Abusive or harassing � Offensive, defamatory, vulgar or obscene � Hateful or disrespectful of others � Spamming in nature � External files or programs that may harm other users � Commercial solicitations � Link-baiting (links to drive traffic to external sites) � Other non-relevant content