Gulf Drilling LLC

Gulf Drilling (GD) is a fully owned subsidiary of MB Petroleum Services, a 100% Omani company that provides advanced drilling solutions to the oil and gas industry, formed with the objective of providing quality drilling services to all its client within the country and the region. Coupled with the experience of its parent company, GD can draw upon many years of hands-on experience in drilling. The professionalism and dedication that the company and its employees offer is a testament to the long standing partnerships that have existed over many years with key clientele. GD can draw upon resources across the wider MBPS Group. In total some 22 modular design fit for purpose drilling rigs equipped with the latest technology. The rig fleet consists of- 02 x 2000 hp breakdown land rigs 3 x 1500 hp breakdown land rigs 3 x 1200hp Fast Moving rigs 10 x 1000hp Fast Moving rigs 4 x 800hp Fast Moving rigs The company offers expertise in drilling turnkey wells and providing technical solutions to drilling problems. It also provides operational support in preparing well programmes, material utilization lists, drilling proposals, full logistics support including rig moving and transport of company supplied materials. GD Vision to be one of the largest Omani drilling companies with strong focus on safety, training and operational efficiency. With clients ranging from PDO, Medco, Petrogas, Daleel and more. the company aims to continuously maintain and develop an extensive network of people whilst retaining its long term association with drilling industry in Oman and the region. This way the company will ensure that they are able to attract, absorb and retain the best available talent. In addition, as part of the larger learning and development programmes, the company will mentor new talent across the country. This will help in building an in-house talent pool of people capable of handling both technical and commercial aspects of the industry.