Grupa GPEC

The GPEC Group is a combination of many years of experience, modern approach and professionalism. The company is a leader in the heating industry in Pomerania. In addition to distribution, the company also deals in the production of heat and the sale of electricity. Both the share in the heat market and the number of satisfied customers of the GPEC Group are growing every year. The GPEC Group consists of 10 companies: GPEC, GPEC EKSPERT, GPEC ENERGIA, GPEC SERWIS, GPEC STAROGARD, GPEC TCZEW, GPEC PRO, GPEC SYSTEM, GPEC PELPLIN AND ORCHIS ENERGIA SOPOT. The Group systematically strengthens its leadership position on dedicated markets. It introduces innovative solutions in the area of technology, management, investments and in building relationships with clients. The GPEC Group is one of the leading investors in Pomerania.