GreenCape is a non-profit organisation that supports and promotes the green economy- low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive - in the Western Cape, South Africa. We assist businesses and investors focusing on green technologies and services to remove barriers to their establishment and growth. We were established in 2010 by the Western Cape Government as a Special Purpose Vehicle to support the development of the green economy in the region. Our goals To INCREASE investment and job creation in the green economy. To position the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape Province as the green economic hub of Africa. What do we do? The green economy is new and fast moving and business opportunities may be constrained by issues such as legislation and policy, a lack of credible information, limited market awareness and demand, business finance and skills. GreenCape�s team of sector experts make it their business to fully understand these shifting dynamics so they can provide useful and relevant support to existing and potential green businesses. Our business support activities are wide-ranging, and include: - Helping potential investors understand the local market, connect with the right people and encounter fewer barriers to doing business - Providing policy and regulatory advocacy and support - Facilitating access to funding - Facilitating market access - Establishing skills development partnerships - Networking and information-sharing - Sharing our expert knowledge through publications