Golden State Water Company

Golden State Water Company is a public utility in California and is a wholly owned subsidiary of American States Water Company. For more than 80 years, our team of professionals deliver reliable, quality water and great service to customers in 75 communities across California. Our Services Distributing water to communities throughout California requires a myriad of complex infrastructure. Numerous wells, pumping stations, thousands of miles of mains, service lines and men and women skilled and certified to work on our water systems ensure safe, wholesome water gets to your tap when you need it. Our Customer Service Center is available 24-hours a day, 365-days per year, to answer any questions you have concerning your water service, billing or any general inquiry. Staffed with highly trained and experienced service care providers, answers to your questions are only minutes away. Our world is full of water and yet less than 1% is available as fresh water for our use. As stewards of this precious resource, Golden State Water Company is dedicated to promoting water conservation. Every year, the company provides thousands of low-flush toilets and other water saving devices annually to customers to help reduce their costs and sustain our water supply. Our Commitment Delivering safe, reliable water to your tap appears easy, but behind the scenes, the process requires thousands of miles of mains and service lines, numerous wells, pumping stations and facilities and hundreds highly-skilled men and women to build the systems, test and treat the water and provide customer care. We are steadfast in minimizing the footprint we have and leave in our communities. From planning capital projects that minimize impact to our communities to reducing the use of paper through electronic tracking systems, Golden State Water Company is dedicated to protecting our natural resources and enhancing the environment in the communities we serve.