Global Suhaimi Group

The second half of the 1970's decade was distinguished by enormous investments in infrastructures, such as airports, seaports, highways, bridges etc, in the Arabian Peninsula. The drive continued, involving huge construction undertakings in oil refineries and processing plants for secondary products derived from natural gas and other petroleum distillates. Global Suhaimi Company actively contributed in the specialized maintenance field to protect these valuable facilities from degradation, corrosion and fire, which can drastically reduce the productive life of these plants. Global Suhami is a diversified group, dominates the largest share of its targeted market. Work closely with international EPC, Oil &Gas, and Petrochemical clients (GASCO, SK engineers, Daewoo, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Sadara, and Saudi Aramco) and having 2 JV�s agreements with multinational firms in Headhunting - British, Manufacturing - Australian. Over the past three decades of business, Global Suhaimi managed to carve out a leading position for itself by virtue of its workmanship quality, reliability and consistency of products and services. The company looks back with satisfaction to numerous well-executed projects with perfection that met and exceeded the expectation of its customers.