Geostock Group

Geostock is an international company specialising in consultancy, engineering, design, construction management, operation and maintenance services for Underground Storage facilities. Geostock�s services are available throughout the life of an underground storage facility, whatever the technique used or products stored. With its 50 years� experience, Geostock boasts unique expertise and is a leading company which has grown continuously since it was first set up, and now employs 600 staff. Geostock is a subsidiary of Entrepose Group (Vinci Group) and Total and is established in every continent, offering proximity services to its clients and partners. The company is able to provide a raft of skills as well as the resources necessary to guarantee a high degree of reactivity and top quality service. Underground storage is Geostock�s core activity. Staffs are multi-skilled and can deal with all the various techniques used in this sector: salt caverns, mined caverns and porous reservoir.