Gemlik Fertilizer Industry Inc.

Gemlik Fertilizer Industry Inc. ( In Turkish : Gemlik G�bre Sanayii A.�. ) was established in 1973 as a state enterprise and was acquired from the Privatization Administration of Prime Ministry of Turkish Republic in February 2004 by YILDIRIM Group. Currently it is one of the biggest fertilizer producers and the No. 1 CAN producer in Turkey. The factory, which has been built on approximately a 1,000,000 m2 land area, is producing 26% nitrogen CAN (calcium ammonia nitrate) fertilizer, 33% nitrogen AN (ammonia nitrate) fertilizer, 25% liquid ammonia and 55% nitric acid. Gemlik Gubre also imports several kinds of fertilizers and chemicals such as UREA, DAP, AN, NP, NPK and ammonium sulphate. Thanks to its brand-new port in Gemlik and its warehouses spread all over the country, Gemlik Gubre has a highly efficient logistics system, enabling it to respond to the market conditions in a quick fashion. Upcoming years there will be big investments. Upcoming news will be shared..